Fashion Fab Time!

I made a trip to Charming Charlie on one of my recent trips to Atlanta Georgia. While I loved most of the store items, I was in search of a specific item; an appropriate clutch for formal wear. Suddenly, I saw the clutch featured in the photo below and fell in love with it. It has the glam factor that I was looking for while still fitting a decent amount of belongings and having a chain strap option. It seems to be decently durable but because of the intricate detailing, I would only recommend this clutch for special nights out. For those of you interested in a formal clutch, I definitely recommend searching at Charming Charlie. The featured clutch is apart of their RSVP line. It is called the “Ready to Mingle Clutch” and costs $39.00. You can find it at if you do not have a store near you.

RSVP Clutch RSVP Clutch 2

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