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Back again with another review. I recently got a Marc Jacobs Plush Eye Shadow Set, Style: Eye-Con No. 7, Color: The Lover 220. It’s the first time I have tested Marc Jacobs Eye Shadow and I savored the experience.

Marc Jacob 4Marc Jaob 5

Marc Jacobs states: “Eye-Conic Colors. Luxurious Effects. Pure Performance.”

Price: $59.00

Pros: Marc Jacobs Plush Eye Shadow Set came with 7 shadows. 3 pinkish looking colors, 3 bronze variations, and 1 beige. I sampled all 7 in different combinations. All 7 have great pigmentation, last all day, and have smooth application. In addition, the packaging looks sleek.

Pretty appearance/ presentation

Great pigmentation

Lasts all day

Easy application

Cons: Marc Jacobs Plush Eye Shadows are obviously costly. At nearly $60.00 for a total net weight of 0.198 oz. the quantity of shadow will not last me very long. I will easily go through these shadows in no time and thus spend another $59.00 very soon. However, $59.00 is a pretty common price area for luxury brand beauty products. That being said, I have not compared these shadows to other luxury brand beauty shadows such as Chanel or Lorac, which have a similar price range, but once I do, I will write a comparison post about the differences.


Would I Purchase This Again?: Yes, I would purchase this product again. I loved the colors, pigmentation, and length of wear. In my opinion, it is worth spending $59.00 to pamper my eyelids.

Rating: 4/5

I hope that you all enjoyed this review. If you would like to share your experiences with this product, please feel free to comment below. Also, if you have any product review requests, please mention the product in the comment section and I will do my best to acquire and review the product for you.

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