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Here is the long awaited written review on my July 2015 Try The World subscription box. If you watched the video then you already know about one item in my box being broken (the Malbec Wine Marinade). Try The World did get ahold of me and they are sending me a new box, plus they gave me a $10.00 gift card, which I promptly spent on some more of those “Koo! Cookies”. A big thank you to Try The World for having GREAT customer service! I appreciate it.

Product Review:


Item 1: KOO! Cookies: Delicious!!! I loved these cookies. They have a lite salty flavor at first and then the flavor transitions to sweet. Exactly as they advertise, they are the perfect combo of sweet and salty. They also have a delectable texture and are a shortbread type cookie. I enjoyed these so much that I ordered more.


Item 2: DOÑA MAGDALENA, dulce de leche: This was a fantastic caramel. It was thick, creamy and rich. A little goes a long way so this container will last me a while. I enjoyed this caramel on top of ice cream but I’m anxious to try it on one of my homemade vanilla-caramel cakes. I will be re-purchasing this product soon.


Item 3: MQA GOURMET: This Green Olive paste was delicious on crackers with a dab of goat cheese. I love olives and I love goat cheese so I knew the moment I saw this paste that I had to pair them together. The olive paste is pretty thick so once again, a little goes a long way. Also, it’s very flavorful because it literally contains fresh ground whole olives. Thus, a delicate amount per serving is ample.


Item 4: CHAMANA AND INTI ZEN, Argentina Tea: There were three teas included in the box; Inca Rose, Patagonia Bee, and Chamana Matēe. The Inca Rose was very floral in flavor. I’m not a huge fan of floral teas but I gave the remainder of my cup to my mother who loves floral teas and she rated this an 8 on her 1-10 scale for tea quality. The Patagonia Bee was soothing, tasty, and aromatic. It had a vanilla, chocolate, honey combo flavor which I enjoyed. It was almost like drinking a dessert but without all the calories! Finally, I tried the Chamana Matēe, which is a “yerba matē” (the national drink of Argentina). I have had Matē on a number of occasions. Thus, this tea was not new for me. However, I do love yerba matē, therefore I was excited to try this brand. The Chamana Matēe included in my box was a Green yerba matē, which is the beverage of choice in South America due to its well-balance flavor and health benefits. There was a hint of the cold pressed bergamot oil, which was complemented by the ‘full’ texture of Matée, creating a unique ‘Latin’ Earl Grey.


Item 5: VANOLI, Chimichurri: I’m use to making my own Chimichurri (homemade and fresh). Thus, I was not sure how I would like this bottled version of Chimichurri. It is a bit vinegary (probably because of preservation). It was not bad but I am partial to fresh Chimichurri.


Item 6: DULCOR, dulce de membrillo: This fruit spread is incredible. It has been around since the Spanish Occupation and is found in bolas de fraile (spherical pastries with a bit of vanilla and lemon) and is typical in fruit-filled pies. It has a thick texture and a very fruity flavor. I sampled it on toast and loved it. I have plenty leftover and I’m thinking of making my own homemade bolas de fraile with it.

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Item 7: MEMORIES OF PATAGONIA, Malbec Wine Marinade: The glass jar that this marinade came in was broken. However, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, Try The World is sending me a new box so I should be able to sample this soon. I will add a review on this product in the comment section below once I have sampled it.

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Bi-Monthly – $39.00 per box
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